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 Tues, Sept 19 


The Annapolis City Primaries
Here are some general resources about the election.See also our Candidates Guide for the Annapolis Election

City Election Information At the City Website


Primary election candidates at the City website

Candidate Action Annapolis Questionaires at Action Annapolis 
(Note Ward 3 is not contested)
The action Annapolis questionnaires covered 27 topics of interest to citizens
Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 4
Ward 5
Ward 6
Ward 7
Ward 8
Crab Cake Podcasts provide interviews offer a terrific look at the candidates with links and video interviews
Crabcake Interviews for the Ward Candidates
CRABCAKE: Mayoral Candidates Forum Presented by The League of Women Voters of Anne Arundel County (September 2017)
2017 Annapolis City Elections ; Mayoral Forum (E-45)
CRABCAKE: First Mayoral Forum for Annapolis City Election (June 2017)
CRABCAKE: Ward 1 Aldermanic Debate Presented by Inner West Street Business Association (September 2017)
CRABCAKE: Ward 7 Aldermanic Forum Presented by Action Annapolis (September 2017)