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ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT: Critical Issues–The Fracking fight is far from over.

Cove Point Oct 19 This is definitely the hottest issue going.  The $3.5 billion plant is about to open and it's Virginia operator just admitted that it underestimated potential emissions of dangerous volatile chemicals by factor of eight putting all of us near the bay at higher risk!  You can read a quick summary of this problem and visit to read more and submit written commentsWe also ask you to contact your legislators and ask them to speak up.

Annapolis Environmental Town Hall Oct 21: The new organization Maryland Environmental Action Partnership (MEAP) is holding an interesting and informative Town Hall. Sign up here or contact Monica O'connor,  This is the group that could pull it all back together and help Maryland to regain its leadership in environmental issues after it's successful Fracking Ban campaign.

Charles County Compressor Application Hearing Oct 24:  See the AMP Creeks Council site for details. Another hearing, this time on the proposed compressor station that could dramatically increase the flow of fracked natural gas to Cove Point, and represents clear danger to the beleagered residents in that area. The AMP site will walk you through the comments process.

The Annapolis Election is  happening now!  Our friends at Action Annapolis have done a terrific job of vetting the candidates and offering that information to everyone.
email to or see

Our Annapolis Elections Guide  also provides details for every office and candidate.

Stay tuned to this space for more information about the elections.
If you have questions or want to get involved, contact 

John Wells  410 507-1862

Annapolis Indivisible works closely with other area groups that are working hard here in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.
Take a look at their sites, and sign up for their Facebook groups to keep in the loop.

Information about those groups is posted here.

Great news!  The Arundel Patriot is a new online Zine/Newspaper that provides a fresh look at what is happening in the City and AA County. This will be much more than politics, and will cover the kinds of articles that you would like to see in other sources, but may not be seeing.
check it out! is a political action group dedicated to promoting American values of liberty and justice, which we believe are under attack by the current administration and Congress in Washington. We are focused on old-fashioned progressive action, mostly at the local level, but not all progressive action is on the left side of the political spectrum!  Many important battles are taking place in areas that progressive Republicans support as well, such as the Environment, Public Safety, Jobs, and Health. 


We also support nationwide activities, but believe that the road to democracy starts at home. Our meetings will focus on concrete actions that people can take, how to be politically effective in a world where time is precious, and how to find and work with like-minded people and groups to achieve those goals.

Contact: John Wells
or call 410 507-1862


























Labor and Employment – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act Is winning in the house and the Senate. Looks like A sure bet to pass.

Will also be closely following environmental legislation and climate change activities in the weeks and months ahead.

Like-minded groups that we work with are:

Anne Arundel Huddle Network

Annapolis Residents for Civil Liberties

The Annapolis Women's March

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And More.